Simple Sponsorship Management

Fans, friends & family watch the sport they love with great passion.

Proudly display your (or your sponsor's) logo on the livestream – to show the heavily engaged eyeballs who is supporting their livestream.

Easily display your or your sponsor’s logos on all your streams

We believe in keeping the admin side of things simple, so you can back to more important things. It’s easy to upload your team & sponsor logos for all (or just some) of your livestreams.

In the near future we will be adding more customised & automated overlays (half time stats, replaying highlights during a break in play, dynamic animated scoreboard overlays), but in the mean time we offer simple, slick scoreboard overlays that let you focus on the action.

In the short term if you’d like to get a custom scoreboard overlay with your own logos, graphics & colors for your livestream, please contact our sales team.

Screenshot of the admin dashboard displaying quick setup

Sponsor logo(s) stay in all downloaded clips too

As customers score the game during the livestream, we’re saving highlight clips* of each bit of the action you record.

That way, after the game you can easily filter through to find the clips you want, and even share & download them to do with as you please!

* Highlight downloads are not available for Game Pass customers.

Screenshot of the MAS compliation maker

MyActionSport has enabled us to capture more video and data than ever before, in a practical and effective manner.

With the help of the MyActionSport team, we are able to provide a genuinely exceptional experience to all of our players regardless of geographical location - the response from players, parents and coaches has been fantastic.

Richard Halsall

Richard Halsall

Academy Director

Sussex County Cricket Club

Want to become a sponsor for your school or a local sports club?

Get in touch and we can approach them together with a package deal.